Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

The Eucharist is "the source and summit of the Christian life." (CCC, 1324)

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion serve the Eucharistic life of St. Monica's Parish by assisting the Ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, the priest, during the Rite of Communion. They are acknowledged by the bishop at the request of the Pastor to assist the celebrant and other Ordinary Ministers during liturgy in sharing the Eucharistic body and blood of Christ. They are commissioned by the Pastor or his delegate.


The Holy Mass is the greatest prayer of the church, therefore the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are expected to perform this special task with dignity, and participate as an exemplary member of the assembly modeling good liturgical participation. 


Clip art of hand holding Eucharist over chalice
Interested in Joining?

Thank you for your interest! We appreciate your cooperation as we select candidates for the various volunteer ministry positions available at St. Monica's Parish. To become an Extraordinary Minister of Communion, or to join any other ministry, you must partake in the Volunteer Screening process before being selected.  


The following are the minimum requirements necessary for the position of Extraordinary Minister of Communion:


1. Review the Volunteer MInistry Position Description for Extraordinary Minister of Communion.

2. Submit a Volunteer Information Form for Adults.  This is a General risk position.

3. Be interviewed by the Volunteer Screening Committee or Ministry Coordinator.