June 18 & 19 - Father Damian Young-Sam-You held Open House meetings after all Masses.

December 1 - An Advocate Architect was chosen, and a Building Committee was formed, and together, they developed a Request for Proposals.


June 6 -  12 developers who expressed interest in redevelopment were shortlisted to 5; the deadline for submitting proposals was June 30, 2018

August 2018 - The Finance and Building Committees defined the needs of the liturgical and rectory space, as well as parking and other facilities.  They have been working with the Archdiocese to find a developer who can meet the parish needs and provide the best financial return.


January 19 & 20 - Father Damian provided an update on the parish redevelopment during all Sunday Masses by reading the decree from Cardinal Thomas  Collins allowing the current building to be transitioned to a secular use.

May 14 - An Agreement with Collecdev was signed.  The project is now in the preliminary planning stages.

November 10 - Collecdev's presentation to parishioners about the proposal submitted to the City of Toronto for review and approval. 


May 13 - Collecdev sent an update on its appeal to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal.

September 15 - Virtual public consultation meeting and presentation by the City of Toronto.


Updates on the redevelopment process are available on www.44broadway.ca.

Suggestions and comments can be submitted here.

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